what to feed a baby rabbit without a mother

What To Feed A Baby Rabbit Without A Mother? Easy Guide

Like other babies, these adorable pets require great care to survive, especially if the mother isn’t available to nurse and feed them. The main question is what to feed a baby rabbit without a mother.

The main food you should give your baby rabbit separated from mother is the replacement milk. Because no other alternative can compare to mothers milk.

In this guide, you’ll find what to feed a baby rabbit without a mother, a list of equipment, and a step-wise procedure of feeding your baby bunny.

What To Feed A Baby Rabbit Without A Mother?

Before feeding your baby rabbit, you need to consider the rabbit’s natural diet. When rabbits are born, they’re started off with only the mother’s milk. Thus, feeding them milk is very important to their growth and development.

Now that the mother isn’t around anymore, you should buy and feed your baby rabbit with replacement milk. You can purchase Kitten Milk Re-placer. This milk has an almost similar composition to the rabbit’s milk.

Goat milk is also a perfect alternative if you can’t find the kitten milk re-placer. On the other hand, cow milk is very dangerous as it’s harmful to the rabbit’s digestive system, and thus you shouldn’t feed it to your baby bunny.

Feel free to add heavy whip cream if you’re aiming to increase the milk’s calories and nutrition. However, only mix moderate amounts. Following the instructions present on the packet is crucial when feeding this delicate pet. You should continually give milk to your baby bunny up to the age of six or seven weeks.

What Are The Food Supplies One Can Give to a Baby Rabbit

When your bunny starts moving and jumping from time to time, it’s time to give it other foods on top of the replacement milk. The first food that’s perfectly fitted for this baby is grass. Give green and fresh grass to your pet, and ensure to maintain it in a smaller size.

Unlike the case of the replacement milk, there are no set rules or regulations on the amount of grass as a portion of food to give to the little bunny. Since grass is one of the rabbit’s favorite, give yours in enough quantities, and it’ll eat as much as it wants and as long as it can.

The second food you can comfortably introduce to your bunny’s list of meals is hay. Always give it dry hay as it’s better than the wet one. Rabbits develop fever and cold problems quickly and easily. Thus, you should always avoid giving them wet food, especially at this young age. Chop the hay into small sizes for your bunny to chew easily and eat large amounts. This is very essential because your rabbit is still small, and the teeth aren’t that sharp and strong.

carrots are also the perfect food to feed your baby rabbit. Give carrots in moderate portions to your bunny and select only fresh and young ones. Carrots are very sweet, and your baby bunny will like them.

The other food items you can add to the diet are oats, pellets, little nuts, alfalfa hay, and timothy hay. However, it’s crucial first to establish the breed of your rabbit since different rabbit breeds feed on different items. For example, some breeds don’t take vegetables, and other breeds don’t take pellets.

how to feed a baby rabbit

When Should You Give A Baby Rabbit Water?

Water is very important, and you should provide it to your baby bunny throughout. Once you have introduced solid foods, water becomes essential as it helps in digestion. Also, water keeps rabbits hydrated.

Put the drinking water in a shallow bowl and place it at any corner of the house. Baby rabbits like hopping, and if you put the water in a deep bowl, it might hop into the bowl and drown. Also, ensure the water is clean all the time.

A Step Wise Procedure On How To Feed A Baby Rabbit

Baby rabbits are very delicate, and thus they need special care and attention to avoid overwhelming their immune and digestive systems. Follow these steps when taking feeding your baby bunny:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.
  • Sterilize and disinfect the feeding bottles and nipples from the pharmacy by following the instructions on the steam bags keenly.
  • Put the replacement milk in the bottle and warm it to body temperature.
  • Lay a towel or any soft cloth on your lap, and this is where you’ll feed your baby rabbit from.
  • Hold the rabbit carefully using your dominant hand and place it in a horizontal position the place the nipple to the lips gently.
  • In some instances, the baby rabbit will resist feeding on the bottle. When this happens, wet the bottle’s nipple with the milk formula and remain persistent.
  • You should avoid forcing the milk out of the bottle as this can cause choking. Once the mouth is completely filled with milk, your bunny can’t breathe and thus chokes.

You should strictly stick to feeding your baby bunny with the milk formula only for the first two to three weeks. The rabbits open their eye after ten to twelve days, and until then, you should only feed it with the milk formula. Once it has opened eyes, you can go ahead and feed it with other foods. Ensure you give it dry food and chop it before for easier feeding.

Grass and hay get bacteria quickly and become poisonous. Thus, you should change these foods often. Feed your rabbit about two times a day as this is how often the mothers feed them. This will prevent them from staying hungry.

important tips to consider while feeding baby rabbits

Important Tips To Consider

Here are three important tips that you should consider in order to feed a baby rabbit:

  • The first three weeks are crucial, and this is where the rabbits grow fast, healthy, and smart, thus giving extra care during this time.
  • Avoid forcing your rabbit to eat or keeping it hungry for a long period.
  • Establish the particular rabbit’s breed for better feeding.


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what to feed a baby rabbit without a mother and how to do it. Milk replacement is the first food to consider, and you can add grass, hay, carrots, and oats with time. You should follow the above procedure for a healthy rabbit.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Check out my comprehensive guide on the best rabbit food.

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