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What Does Baby Rabbits Eat? A Complete Guide For Beginners

If you have baby rabbits at your home, then you must know about what they should eat or what they can eat. As babies they have a very sensitive digestive system, you need to be extra careful when it comes to choosing the right food. Otherwise, it can pose some health risks. The main question here is – what does baby rabbits eat?

Water and hay are the main foods of baby rabbits. As they are babies, they require more protein, so you can give them alfalfa hay and pellets. The rabbits you have must be weaned. If they are not, use goat or kitten milk instead of their mother’s milk.

What Does Baby Rabbits Eat?

If you are a new owner then it can be surprising to know what the baby rabbits like to eat. Excessive iceberg lettuce and carrots can cause health problems. For this, you can give them hay. Pellets are the optional food when the babies turn adults. Also, this food ingredient is essential for babies as they need more nutrients and vitamins. It also has calories, thus, the amount must be reduced when the babies grow up. You must not panic seeing your rabbits aren’t eating pellets anymore.

Hydration of your rabbit babies is also very crucial. They must have access to freshwater, and you can provide the same in a bowl or a place attached with the lunch.

What To Feed Baby Rabbits?

There are three main elements in the diet of baby rabbits, fresh veggies, hay, and pellets. Hay is the most important thing when the babies are growing up. This is because the digestive system of rabbits is engineered to process fibers. You can give them different types of hay-like, grass, alfalfa, and oat. In the case of adult rabbits, they can sustain on hay only. Pellets are also important for youngsters as they need to grow. You can also keep fruits as a treat, as rabbits love the sweet taste of carrots, parsnips, raisins, and berries. The rabbit body is not systemized for carbs, so you need to feed them fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, baby rabbits will get the required protein from hay.

what to feed baby rabbits

What Is The Baby Rabbit Food List?

Before you bring baby rabbits home, you must have a food list for them. You need to buy hay and you must give importance to alfalfa. However, baby rabbits must not get attached to alfalfa hay, so you must change the type. Later, you can introduce pellets to your baby rabbits. Here check the things you can feed the babies.


It’s recommended to make pellets as a part of the rabbit baby diet. This will help the babies grow up with better nutrients. You must avoid getting them increased pellets as this will create a bad habit in the rabbits. You have to make sure to give 14% protein and 22% fiber in their food.


You already know that alfalfa hay is the best for baby rabbits, as they get the most protein from this. Although it’s good for rabbits, they must not make a habit of the same. You can provide the ratio of 60:40, mixing traditional grass hay with alfalfa.

Also, make sure the sleeping area of the rabbits. Baby rabbits have immature bladders, and it will take a while to potty train them. Thus, you need to take care of their resting area. You need the clean the hutch every day so the urine doesn’t wet the hay. This can build molds on the hay and moldy hutch is infectious for rabbits.

Fresh Veggies And Fruits:

In the earlier days, it was believed that rabbits shouldn’t eat fresh vegetables. This was mainly suggested because bunnies have a sensitive digestive system. In reality, fresh veggies and fruits are fine food for rabbits. Before you bring the babies home, you must know the fresh veggies and fruits the mother rabbit loved. Once the babies turn 4 weeks, they will start to eat those fruits and vegetables. However, you have to give them small doses so that their stomach can endure it.

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Should You Give A Baby Rabbit Meat?

Meat or types of it should be avoided in the diet of baby rabbits. They do need protein but not from meat. Giving the same to them will upset their stomach. The rabbits might get used to the taste of meat, but it will make them uncomfortable. The digestive system of rabbits is made not to process protein but fiber. When the babies start to grow, this situation will become worse. Also, rabbits are herbivores, they do not require meat.

Should You Feed Cow Milk To Baby Rabbits?

Baby bunnies mostly drink their mother’s milk until they reach the eighth week. A baby rabbit should not be separated from the mother before they are eight weeks old. If you must feed baby rabbits milk, then it should not be cow milk, because of the high density of calcium. The next best thing other than mother’s milk is kitten milk. Rabbit milk has more calories than cat’s, for this, you add a tablespoon of sugar-free cream to it. Baby rabbits will need milk twice a day. You also have to keep in mind that the baby bunnies should not depend on milk only, you must give them solid foods and water.

Alternative Food Ingredients For Baby Rabbits

If the baby rabbits are not eating the foods you are giving them, then you can offer them a formula. This might be tougher than it looks, so you can always talk to a professional about it. However, you can try giving goal or cat milk, if the baby bunnies aren’t eating pellets or hay.

You can buy a syringe from the market to feed the babies milk or formula. It might be hard at first but you can use a Miracle Nipple to feed them.


Hopefully, you have got the answer to your question – what does baby rabbits eat’. Also, I have discussed all the essential aspects that you need to know when you are feeding your baby rabbits. One thing that you must always keep in mind is that rabbits have a very sensitive and delicate digestive system. Wrong portions and food can cause stomach aches and issues. To avoid that, you must always maintain the right foods and portions. For the right food and portion, consult with a specialist or your vet.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Check out my comprehensive guide on the best rabbit food.

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