how often does a rabbit have babies

How Often Does A Rabbit Have Babies? Interesting Facts

You must have heard about the phrase reeding like rabbits’. It is obvious because of the short period of gestation that rabbits have. If you want to have a rabbit as your pet, then one of the questions that will pop up in your mind is – how often does a rabbit babies?

The length of their gestation or pregnancy ranges from 25 days to 21 days. Also, the rabbits can get pregnant within a few days after giving birth. Hence, the frequency of rabbits having babies can be quite rapid.

To know more about the pregnancy and breeding of rabbits, read on. We have provided a complete and detailed information about their breeding.

How Often Does A Rabbit Have Babies?

Rabbits are quite popular for their prolific and impeccable ability to breed. You must have heard about many animals with lots of offspring but when it comes to rabbits, it is of another level. To be very clear, unlike other animals, rabbits have a very short period for gestation. This period lasts for a maximum of 31 days i.e. for a month (approximately). Also, the rabbits can get pregnant just few days after giving birth. Every time they give birth, there are can be up to 12 baby rabbits. This means that they can often have babies and can have a lot of babies every year.

When Does A Rabbit Become Capable Of Mating?

The rabbits are not only popular for their short period of gestation but also popular for being capable of mating at an early age. Yes, a female rabbit can become pregnant or can mate when they are just 12 weeks i.e. 3 months old. From then, the rabbits can continue to give birth till they attain the age of 4. Rabbits, unlike most of the animals, are capable of conceiving throughout the year. They do not have a particular time for mating or breeding.

Signs Of Rabbit Pregnancy

If you have rabbits at your home, then you have to make sure that you know about the signs and symptoms of their pregnancy. As rabbits can get pregnant quite easily, looking for these signs can help you to know:

Building The Nest

Whenever the rabbits are pregnant, they instinctively start to build a nest for them. They will start using the hays and straws to build the nest for their shelter.

Becomes Aggressive

Unlike the original nature of the rabbits, they tend to become aggressive when they are pregnant. You may notice that your rabbit is growling in defense. Even they will refuse to get stroked or petted by you. This is often called the ood swing’.

Pulling Of Fur

The rabbits who are going to be a mother soon actually pull their own fur out for using it as a blanket for keeping their babies warm and cozy.

Rabbit Pregnancy And Litters

Now that you know the fact about – how often does a rabbit have babies, it is important to know about their pregnancy and litters. The pregnancy period of the female rabbits can last for about 28 to 31 days. Once they deliver the babies, the mother rabbit can be again impregnated after few moments or days.

The rabbits are capable of delivering about 1 litter of babies every month. In one litter, there can be about 14 rabbit babies. These babies are called kits. On an average, each litter has about six rabbit babies. So, a rabbit can give birth to a maximum of 12 litters in one year. This, on an average, means 72 babies in a year or a maximum of 168 babies. That is a lot!

how often can rabbits get pregnant

How Often Can Rabbits Get Pregnant?

One of the few things that you may know about rabbits is that they have an incredible power to mate and conceive. When a female rabbit is healthy, they can get pregnant whenever she mates with one of the male rabbits. The rabbits have two uteruses and this means they have the capability to be pregnant while giving birth to a litter. Also, rabbits can conceive any time and every time throughout the year. There is no such ating’ period or reeding’ time for the rabbits. Hence, rabbits can get pregnant every month.

Rabbits are one of the few animals who don’t need to be in the eat’ for being fertile and reproduce. In fact, they have induced ovulation which is a process which has a huge surge in the LH (Luteinizing Hormone). This hormone is responsible for making the female rabbits more fertile. Though induced ovulation is quite rare, rabbits have it naturally. This makes them pregnant easily even while they are still nursing the newborns.

Is There Are Safe Way To Stop Their Pregnancy?

Yes, there is a way or two to stop the rabbits from being impregnated. From the above explanations, it is quite evident that the rabbits can get pregnant quite often. Their pregnancy period is short and they can conceive quite fast too. Hence, many owners choose the neuter or spay their rabbits successfully. Once the rabbits are neutered or spayed, they cannot produce offspring.

Both the processes i.e. neutering and spaying is quite healthy and safe for your rabbits. Also, it can be done at any age. There is no particular set of dos and don’ts for these processes. But just to be sure about your pet rabbit, you can consult with your vet first. This can be the best way to decide what is best for your pet rabbit.

rabbit pregnancy


The rabbits, as you can see, are quite fertile in nature. So, you know the answer now about – how often does a rabbit have babies? Now, it is up to you to decide what you want to do about it. Neutering and spaying are the two processes that can stop the female rabbits from getting pregnant no matter how many times they mate with a male rabbit. You can discuss it further with your vet to make the final call for your rabbit. Otherwise be ready to have hundreds of baby rabbits in a year.

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