How Much Does A Pet Rabbit Cost? Stats, Facts, And Info

Are you thinking about getting a pet rabbit for your child or yourself, and you’re wondering how much does a pet rabbit cost? The cost of a pet rabbit includes the initial amount of purchase, feeding, cage, and other maintenance costs. The cost of purchasing a pet rabbit depends on the size, breed, and source, whether it’s a rescue facility or a pet store. The belief that rabbits are low-maintenance pets shouldn’t mislead you as these pets live for up to ten years, and they require a considerable amount of money, time, and care.

Keeping these adorable cuddly pets comes with a cost. The cost of buying a pet rabbit ranges between $20 to $40 for most breeds, but you’ll be required to spend up to $100 for rare breeds. Other expenses will be factored in, including cage, feeding, and vaccination. This means it can cost you as little as $68 to get a new pet rabbit.

This article is dedicated to helping you understand the cost you’ll incur by keeping a pet rabbit.

What is the cost of bringing a new rabbit home?

Bringing a new pet rabbit home requires spending money on the rabbit and the long-term care needs. The basic one-time purchase items include food bowls and a cage.

Cost of Buying a Pet Rabbit

The cost of rabbits varies greatly depending on the breed and source.


In some instances, you can get your rabbit free from other pet rabbit owners. This might not be the best option because most owners who tend to give out their pets for free don’t take care of them as required. The pet rabbit given out often arise from accidental pregnancy. The probability is that breeders with such rabbits don’t follow correct nutrition guidelines, and you may take home a pet with health issues.


Common breeds such as Flemish Giant or Jersey Wooly will cost you $5 to $20 depending on whether you get yours from a rescue center, fair or 4-H club. These pets are usually given out by owners who are no longer able to take care of them anymore. Most of these are older, and some have per-existing conditions. This is always a cheaper way of getting a pet rabbit than purchasing from a breeder.


Different breeders sell the pet rabbit differently, and the price ranges between $20 and $100. Rabbits aren’t as expensive as other animal pets as they breed quickly. For example, most dogs bred only once per year, while rabbits have multiple litters.

what is the cost of rabbit supplies

What Is the Cost of Rabbit Supplies?

Your pet rabbit will require an enclosure, whether a cage or a hatch. The hutch or cage should be of desirable material. Bottoms made with wire aren’t ideal for the rabbit as this can cause life-threatening effects to the feet. On the other hand, a smooth bottom is perfect.

The enclosures are relatively more expensive compared to the cost of purchasing the rabbit. You’ll need to spend about $150 to $ 200 to get a decently large hutch. However, indoor hutches are slightly cheaper as they cost about $100.

If you’re good with hand tools, you have a cheaper option of building the rabbit hatch yourself. There are plenty of tutorials available on YouTube to guide you through this process. The factors influencing how much this will cost you include location, cost of supplies, and the YouTube video guiding you.

You can also buy items such as a litter box at $10, a playpen at $ 70, and chew toys, although these aren’t completely necessary.

Annual Expenses

Now that you have taken care of the pet rabbit’s start-up cost. You need to think about annual expenses such as food and other supplies. Grooming and healthcare are the main factors you should consider.


Food is among the most significant reoccurring expense. Pet rabbits mainly feed on hay, pellets, green vegetables, and fruits. The cost ranges between $300 and $600 but depends on what you pick for each food category. You should expect to spend about $40 per month on food since rabbits are small animals and don’t eat much.

Health Care

You won’t have to spend too much on health care if your pet rabbit is healthy. Rabbits develop injuries and become sick quickly when they’re not taken care of properly. Their small and sensitive make it very easy for them to get sick. The general cost of health care is as follows:


Pet rabbits need a check-up every year, which costs between $20 and $50. The most important areas that require inspection are the pet’s teeth and feet. The teeth can be shaved down at this time. The feet have a tip-top shape that makes them get injured easily, and thus they need to be checked carefully by the veterinary.


The rabbit’s teeth never stop growing, and they thus need to be filed regularly. Filing the teeth ranges between $60 and $300. It’s advisable to look for a reliable groomer to be filing the rabbit’s teeth rather than going to the dentists. Rabbit groomers charge a lesser amount than dentists, and the results are similar.


Rabbits are given all the vaccinations they need during check-ups. The vaccinations cost between $20 and $30. If vaccination is needed, you’ll need to add this amount on top of the cost of annual check-ups.

Treatment for parasites

Like other animal pets, rabbits get parasites and can be very expensive to get rid of. However, simple prescription medication is enough to handle this situation in most scenarios. Treating parasites costs as low as $50, but if complications arise from the parasite infestation, it can cost you as high as $200.

Environmental Maintenance

You should expect to spend about $300 to $800 on maintaining the environment where your pet rabbit is living. This includes the cost for repair for damaged furniture, bedding, and litter.

how much does a pet rabbit cost

Saving Money On Rabbit Care

There are many ways to save money on rabbit care, from buying hay in bulk at the feed store to taking advantage of vegetables on sale at the grocery. Your rabbit will require about a half-pound of hay for every pound of body weight each day. Buying in bulk is a good way to save on your rabbit’s food supply.

Treats also play an important role in keeping your rabbit happy and healthy. You can save money by growing some of your own fresh produce, such as carrots or apples, which are healthier than the processed treats you can buy at the pet store.

Another important part of rabbits’ diets is fresh water. If you’re buying bottled water, consider refilling the bottle with filtered water once it’s empty.


Rabbit ownership comes with a cost, just as it’s the case for other pets. Depending on your budget, you have several rabbit source options. Most of the regular rabbit maintenance care is inexpensive, but others, such as filing teeth, are costly. Proper rabbit care reduces treatment costs and improves overall health. Buying supplies in bulk is a perfect trick for keeping pet rabbits on a budget.

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