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Do Rabbits Need Vaccines? Important Things To Consider

Rabbits can make great pets. They are adorable, fun and timid in nature. But like any other pet animals, rabbits too are prone to diseases. Hence, it is important to keep our pet rabbits safe from the infectious diseases or any other diseases. So, the most common question that a rabbit owner asks about their safety from disease is – do rabbits need vaccines?

Yes, just like any other pet animals, the rabbits also need vaccines regularly. This can help them to stay healthy and fight against the diseases.

To know more about the vaccines for rabbits and how to know which one you can give them, read on. We have provided a complete guide.

Do Rabbits Need Vaccines?

You must have heard about the popular phrase – Prevention is better than cure. Vaccines are more of a preventive method and it is always easier to prevent a disease that to cure it. If you have a rabbit as your pet, then you need to make sure that it is getting vaccines on regular basis. This will help them to stay healthy and have the proper immunity to fight against any diseases efficiently. Bu you need to keep a lot of things in your mind while opting for a vaccine for your rabbit.

Why Rabbits Need Vaccines?

Just like any other living being, rabbits too are prone to diseases caused by several microorganisms like bacteria, virus etc. There are some nasty bacteria and viruses that can be life-threatening and fatal for your pet rabbits. The two most dangerous diseases caused by viruses are -Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Diseases i.e. RVHD1 and RVHD2 and Myxomatosis.

In order to protect your rabbits from these fatal and life-threatening diseases, you need to provide vaccines to you rabbit annually. If your main concern is – do rabbits need vaccines or not, then you need to know the answer is YES. Vaccines are the simplest and the most effective way to protect your pet rabbits from these nasty disease-causing viruses. The vaccines can help you to safeguard your rabbit from all the deadly viruses every year. This is the most efficient way to give your rabbit the best protection.

Before we talk about the vaccines, you have to know about the diseases properly. Here are the details about the diseases.


This is a virus which can spread drastically due to the blood sucking mites or fleas. These are quite popular and many rabbits get infected because of this disease. It can take about 14 days to show the first signs or symptoms of this disease. Some of the signs are high fever, breathing difficulty and more. There is no particular treatment for this disease and the recovery rate is also quite low. Hence, you need to make sure that your rabbit is safeguarded from this disease. With the help of the right vaccine, you can prevent the spread of this disease in the rabbit causing severe symptoms.

Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Disease (RVHD):

This is another disease that is caused due to the spread of virus. Some of the signs and symptoms of the disease are – internal bleeding (hemorrhage), high fever and liver disease. Just like the previous one, this viral disease is also life-threatening and fatal in nature. This disease can cause death too. Also, this can spread from one rabbit to another via contact and contaminated objects and insects too. There is no such specific and effective treatment for curing this disease. Hence, it is extremely important for the rabbits to have the vaccines to safeguard them from the RVHD1 and RVHD2 effectively.

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Are Rabbit Vaccines Available?

Having said that vaccines are important for the rabbits, it is also important for you to know if there are vaccines available. In the United States of America, there are no licensed vaccines currently available for rabbits. But there are some vaccines outside the USA for protecting you rabbits from fatal and acute diseases such as RVHD1, RVHD2 and Myxomatosis. As these vaccines are quite useful and efficient for treating the diseases in rabbits, the USA is now importing these vaccines to treat the rabbits. You can ask your vet if you want to authorize the import of these vaccines for your pet rabbit. As of now, only RVHD vaccine is available for import in the USA.

Do You Need To Consult Vet?

Yes, before you can take your rabbit for a vaccination, you have to contact the vet first. A professional vet can help you in assessing the entire health condition of your rabbit perfectly. This will help them to identify if your rabbit has any underlying disease or not. Full health assessment of your rabbi can help you to detect any health issues that are developing. Based on that, the vets can advise you further about whether your rabbit can take a particular vaccine or not.

It is extremely important to take your rabbit to the vet and discuss about the vaccines. Only after your vet authorize the vaccine, you must go ahead for providing your rabbits with the vaccines. In fact, vets can recommend if there is any need of follow up doses or boosters for your rabbit. To ensure that your rabbits are completely safe from the two deadly and fatal diseases mentioned above, you have to ensure that you are also providing them with the booster shots every year.


Hopefully, it is extremely clear to you about the query that you have – do rabbits need vaccines or not. Now pet owners want their pet to suffer or die early. But these viral diseases can be extremely fatal for your rabbit. They can cause internal hemorrhage and respiratory issues that can be life-threatening for your rabbit.

As mentioned above, there are no treatments or cure for these diseases. Hence, it is extremely important for the rabbits to have their vaccines. They do need vaccines and they need the vaccines in the right time too. All these can help you to keep your rabbit completely safe and protected from all the fatal and viral diseases that can cause death or severe health issues in your rabbit.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Check out my comprehensive guide on the best rabbit food.

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