do rabbits eat vinca

Do Rabbits Eat Vinca? What You Need To Know!

Rabbits are very picky animals when it comes to their food prefrence. Often rabbit owners wonder do rabbits eat vinca? The answer is NO they don’t.

What are Vincas?

Let us give you some information about the plant. Vinca is a flowering plant from the family of Apocynaceae hat originates from Europe. Popularly known as Periwinkle, these are herbaceous or subshrubs with long stems which do not grow more than twenty to seventy centimetres above the ground.

Do rabbits eat Vinca?

Though Vincas are attractive flowering plants, they are often ignored by bunnies because of their leathery leaves & tough stem. but do you know why they don’t’ eat Vinca? Rabbits usually hop around and sniff anything random in their vicinity to get ensured whether the thing is edible for them or not. Their senses are much heightened and this makes them able to differentiate between potentially poisonous plants from those of the edible kind. Though vincas look pretty juicy and tempting in human eyes, your cute little bunny can spot that it’s not edible.

Moreover, bunnies are familiar with the sour taste of the plant and so never end up chewing the flowers or the stems of Vinca. If you observe a rabbit closely, you will see that after taking some nibbles, they tend to run away from the plant. That’s simply because vincas are not tasty at all.

In a nut shell, the taste of the plant is a major factor why they dont prefer eating it.

Are vincas poisonous for rabbits?

No, vincas are not poisonous to rabbits, it’s just the taste that makes them stay away from this particular plant.

Impatiens are close looking gardening plant-like vincas. But bunnies love eating impatiens and not vincas. The reason is tough these two plants are look-alike, rabbits find impatiens more sumptuous. Therefore rabbits are very picky about what to eat and what not to.

List of items that are well accepted by rabbits

At the end of the day, preference matters. If your bunny does not prefer eating vincas you cannot force him to eat it. Rather you should opt for plants that are well-accepted by bunnies. Some of the most accepted foods by rabbits include sunflower, roses, hay and vegetables.

Roses are not only attractive but rabbits also find them sumptuous to consume. They love chewing the flowers, twigs, and leaves of the plant. Hays, on the other hand are a great source of fibre for your furry friend and thus can be given daily. And last but not least vegetables like carrots are an all-time favourite for bunnies.


In a nutshell, rabbits do have preferences. It is all about preferences when it comes to food and rabbits are no exception. As caregivers, you have to take care of your rabbit’s both preferences and digestive system. For example foods like potatoes or avocadoes should be avoided since they are harmful to rabbits. All you need to make sure is whatever you feed them should have good nutritional value and they should find it tasty too.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Check out my comprehensive guide on the best rabbit food.

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