do rabbits eat sunflower

Do Rabbits Eat Sunflower? What You Need To Know!

Often rabbit owners ask do rabbits eat sunflowers? Well the answer to the question is YES! Sunflowers and their seeds are food to many birds.

Do rabbits eat sunflower?

Sunflowers and their seeds are food to many birds. Little did we know that it is also one of the most recommended flowering plants that rabbits can consume and it is absolutely safe for them.

As children most of us have seen Bugs Bunny, right? We always saw pictures of rabbits eating carrots, but there are plenty of other things that a rabbit feed regularly other than just carrots that we never knew growing up. One such plant food is sunflower. Helianthus, commonly known as sunflower is proven to be known as a nectar-producing flowering plant that attracts pollinators. They are excellent plants that attract many beneficial insects. Sunflowers have a magnificent appearance and also have enormous beneficial properties for us, humans, to consume.

Sunflowers are absolutely safe for rabbits to eat but even if sunflowers are safe for rabbits to eat, they shouldn’t be given to them on a daily basis. Rabbits have plenty more food options through which they get a good amount of fibre intake, more than sunflowers. Rabbits get very less nutritive values from the consumption of sunflowers. Overfeeding sunflowers to rabbits might lead to certain gastrointestinal problems, diarrhoea, and soft uneaten cecotropes due to a lack of fibre in the diet. So a hay diet is the best diet for rabbits!

Do rabbits eat sunflower seeds?

Yes, they do it with sunflower seeds as well but the shell of the sunflower seeds should be properly peeled before giving it to your pet rabbit as the shell might be too hard for them to eat. Too much of seeds are also not recommended as they lack nutritional values. Sunflower seeds essentially contain fat, proteins, and calories, hence seeds for rabbits should be only recommended in winters as they will keep them warm and give them energy. Thus, sunflower seeds should be avoided or kept minimum in your rabbit’s diet, especially in the summertime to keep their digestive system healthy.

It is clear that sunflowers are not poisonous or toxic for rabbits but it is better not to feed sunflower plants to rabbits as the main source or primary source of nutrients on a regular basis. Rather, it should be fed to them as an alternative to some fibrous food such as hay. The primary source of nutrition should be hay, pellets and vegetables. Sunflower plants and sunflower seeds should be fed to them in a small amount and it should be always accompanied by other nutritive sources. In short you should always give a mixed diet to your rabbit.

Farmers and gardeners have a very hard time keeping away rabbits from sunflower fields and have to take the help of various repellents like peppers to keep rabbits at bay.


No new nutritive sources should be introduced to a rabbit’s diet very quickly. This might lead to digestive problems that will eventually lead to other health issues for your rabbit.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Check out my comprehensive guide on the best rabbit food.

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