do rabbits eat lantana

Do Rabbits Eat Lantana? What You Need To Know!

As a rabbit owner, you might have many questions about what your rabbit can eat or not eat. One of them must be, Do rabbits eat lantana?. Well, there are mixed views on the topic, as many gardeners claim that rabbit do eat their lantana but some say that the rabbits are repelled by the smell of the leaves of lantana.

Do rabbits eat lantana?

You might be confused by the answer but no need to worry, you have arrived at the right place we are going to clear all your doubts about whether your rabbits can eat lantana or not & suggest some alternatives.

As mentioned above this is quite a debatable topic as many sources give many views. Some gardeners say that the rabbits love to feed on lantana but some gardeners have also observed that rabbits are repelled by the bad smell of lantana leaves. So, it is very hard to pinpoint which of the views are correct. Even though it does not matter whether they do eat it or not as a rabbit owner you need to make sure that you keep your rabbits stay away from lantana as the hairy leaves and tawny flowers are toxic and can turn deadly for rabbits. So you need to be really careful.

Is it good for your rabbits to eat lantana?

Rabbits do eat lantana but is it good for them to eat lantana? Well, the answer to this question has a very definitive answer, which is a big NO. Lantana is one of the most harmful foods that you can feed your pet. They are beautiful vibrant berries that look very appealing & nutritious but unfortunately are filled with many toxins that might lead to a toxic reaction in your pet if fed accidentally. Even though hummingbirds & butterflies could feed on these, small mammals like rabbits should not eat them as it would lead to toxic reactions that might endanger their life.

Lantana alternatives that you can give to your rabbit

Since, we have already established in the previous section of the article that lantana is not the best choice for your rabbit because of its high toxin levels, here in this section we are going to mention some good alternatives that you can feed your rabbit and they are as follows:

Hay: Timothy, orchard, and brome leaves are a good option (alfalfa should not be given to adult rabbits)
Green leafy vegetables: Dandelion greens, kale parsley, Swiss chard & escarole should be given in moderate quantities. Excessive feeding of these could lead to bladder stones formed by calcium. Carrots are also a good option if fed moderately.


We have tried to clear all your doubts about feeding your rabbit lantana plant and also provided you with lantana alternatives that you can look into. We can conclude that lantana is not the best food to feed your rabbit for its high toxin content. In the end, it could be said for lantana that “not everything that looks good is actually good” for your rabbits!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Check out my comprehensive guide on the best rabbit food.

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