do rabbits eat dianthus

Do Rabbits Eat Dianthus? What You Need To Know!

One of the most common question asked by rabbit owners is Do rabbits eat dianthus? Well the answer to the question is YES! It is the pleasant smell of the flowers and vibrant look that attracts them the most.

What are dianthus?

Dianthus, also known as ‘pinks’ are a kind of flower that is mostly used to decorate the landscape of lawns and parks. These are tiny little delicate soft flowers that grow in bulks and serve as a pink soft beautiful layer on the landscape. The fragrance of these flowers is used in both dries and fresh arrangements.

If you have a rabbit you might be already aware of the fact that your cute little fluffy friend is quite a naughty one. Rabbits are super active pets that have the tendency to run around in the house and garden and take bites of different things around. But rabbits are also very picky when it comes to food.

Do rabbits eat dianthus?

Rabbits love eating dianthus because of several reasons. Dianthus can survive in very harsh climates as well and is easy to maintain. Here are some reasons why rabbits love eating dianthus:

  • Pleasant and beautiful smell- It is the pleasant fragrance of the flower that attracts bunnies the most. The sweet fragrance forces the little animals to have a taste test.
  • Size and shape- Dianthus are small little butterfly-like flowers perfect for bunnies to consume. The petals and leaves are the most attractive for bunnies.
  • Color- The color of the flower plays a great role in attracting bunnies. Dianthus are super vibrant in colors. They are available in red, pink or white which is quite eye-pleasing for not only humans but also rabbits.
  • Long stems- Generally rabbits love eating long stems of any vegetables or flowers. The long stems of Dianthus become a great target for rabbits as the more they chew, the more they can strip off the leaves from the stems and the whole activity is super fun.
  • Sweetness- Dianthus plants are full of sweet nectar and rabbits love chewing sweet things. After chewing for a minute or so, the nectar starts coming out and the flower becomes a delicacy for the cute animal.

Is it safe for rabbits to consume dianthus?

Dianthus are butterfly-like soft flowers that are not only attractive to look at but also have a beautiful fragrance. Well, dianthus is absolutely safe to consume for rabbits since they are rich in fibre & have a low sugar level. In addition to its nutritious value, rabbits find dianthus to be pretty tasty. Rabbits enjoy nibbling on leaves and petals of dianthus. So if you want to bring your rabbit into your garden, adding dianthus to your lawn can be a good idea.


Dianthus is not only good to taste for rabbits but also acts as an energy booster & makes them active. So it’s always a good idea to plant dianthus on your lawn or garden area. But as mentioned by any professional you should always give dianthus to your rabbit in the right measure to maintain a healthy diet.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Check out my comprehensive guide on the best rabbit food.

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