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Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes? Everything You Need To Know

It’s a smart concern to have when it comes to feeding tomatoes to your rabbit. Because tomatoes have inflammatory properties, this common food is often in question: Can rabbits eat tomatoes safely?

Yes, you can feed tomatoes to your rabbit, but in small quantities. Adding a little portion of tomato as a treat shouldn’t be an issue, though. Also, tomatoes are healthy when you give them in moderation.

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes?

The short answer to this question is yes. While rabbits can eat tomatoes, you have to be careful while feeding them.

Tomatoes when fed in small quantities provide certain health benefits to your rabbit. You need to make sure that your pet doesn’t consume tomatoes in large amounts. Or else, they might get very sick.

A healthy rabbit eats vegetables, a mix of hay, and fruits that you can add a few times a week. And, tomatoes are a great snack for your rabbit to have. Tomatoes are simple, quick treat that your rabbit will love. They provide your pet with a healthy dosage of nutrients.

Should Your Rabbit Eat Tomatoes?

Yes, rabbits should eat tomatoes. When you feed your rabbit with tomatoes, it is important for their healthy, happy, and long life. Hence, ensure that your rabbit is having the best quality food.

All you have to do is provide them with moderate amounts of tomatoes. And, remove any seeds and stems before feeding them to your pet. Also, monitor their behavior and nature of poop for any kind of negative reactions.

The Positives Of Feeding Tomatoes

Pets love to have treats. And, tomatoes in small amounts mean your pet can have a tasty treat. Tomatoes are rich in folate, potassium, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C that add to your pet’s healthy life.

Tomatoes are easy to grow. And, you can even plant them in a pot and keep them on your balcony. They serve as cheap, easy treats.

The Negatives Of Feeding Tomatoes

Baby rabbits shouldn’t be fed with tomatoes because they have a sensitive digestive system. It is wise to wait for about 12 weeks before introducing this new food to their diet. Also, never forget to feed them in small amounts.

Having too many vegetables and fruits discourage rabbits from eating a lot of hay. And, without the nutrients from hay, your pet could become sick.

rabbit eating tomato

How Many Tomatoes Should You Feed?

The right amount of quantity will depend on other vegetables and fruits you provide your rabbit with. Overall, your rabbit should have tomatoes in small quantities.

Or else, they might encounter digestive problems. When you are feeding your rabbit with other vegetables and fruits, there is no harm to provide them with tomatoes in small quantities. You can give them all portions of a cherry tomato.

Regarding a plum tomato, it is better to cut it into half or even a quarter. And, make them thinly sliced. Feed your pet with only one slice. In short, keep the servings small and get them mixed with other vegetables.

Depending on your pet’s size, the tomato portion should match the size of a cherry tomato. Moreover, you should feed only 1 to 2 times a week. Never include tomatoes on a daily schedule. Always remember that tomatoes should be considered a special treat and given in small quantities.

What Happens To My Rabbit If It Eats Too Much Tomato?

The first thing that you notice about your rabbit when it eats too much tomato is that it will end up being malnourished. That’s because your pet won’t get enough hay and grass to eat. Because rabbits get most of their nutrients from grass, they might get sick.

Besides, if you allow your rabbit to fill up on tomatoes, they are going to have trouble in their stomach. And, that’s because of their sensitive digestive system.

Secondly, tomatoes contain sugar in huge amounts. Keep in mind that tomatoes are berries and the sugar content is high. And, fiber content is too low. Not only it will make your pet’s stomach upset, but also they may have issues with obesity.

Tips On How To Feed Your Rabbits Tomatoes Safely

Here are few tips to feed your rabbits tomatoes:

  • Remove the tomato from the plant
  • Wash it thoroughly to get rid of pesticides, if any
  • Cut the tomato into thin slices
  • Don’t forget to remove the seeds
  • Provide your pet with a slice or two

Remember that the size of a cherry tomato is enough for your rabbit’s stomach. So, don’t try to overfeed.

My Rabbit Doesn’t Eat Tomatoes. Is That Okay?

All rabbits have different tastes including likes and dislikes. So, there is nothing to worry about if your rabbit doesn’t eat tomatoes. Your rabbit can have the nutrients present in tomatoes from other foods as well.

Can My Rabbit Eat Tomato Leaves?

Because rabbit loves greenery, it may think that their rabbit can have tomato leaves along with other veggies. However, you need to rethink a little more.

While rabbits can eat tomato leaves, they aren’t recommended. Tomato leaves contain tomatine, a toxin that can make your rabbit sick when they consume too many of them. Instead, give your rabbit washed, sliced fruit with seeds removed.

Nutritional Benefits Of Tomatoes

Before you get bogged down by the high sugar content issue in tomatoes, don’t forget that they carry a lot of benefits. Also, they improve your pet’s diet.

Vitamin A – It is important for your rabbit’s bone development, reproduction, vision, and immune system.

Vitamin C – It is necessary for your rabbit’s growth and repairing body tissues.

Vitamin B6 – It helps the rabbit’s body to store energy from carbohydrates and protein.

Potassium – It helps to prevent a disease called Hypokalemia.

Antioxidants – A nutrient called Lycopene is present in tomatoes and it has many antioxidant properties.

Low-fat content – Tomatoes are a good food to supplement your pet’s main diet.

Fiber – While hay provides the necessary fiber for your rabbit, an extra source won’t harm you.

High water content – Rabbits need lots of water to keep them hydrated and tomatoes have them.


So, can your rabbit eat tomatoes? Yes, they can but in small quantities. Tomatoes are high in fiber and tasty treats. However, give them a slice or two a couple of times a week. That way, your pet will be in good health.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Check out my comprehensive guide on the best rabbit food.

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