can rabbits eat dandelion greens

Can Rabbits Eat Dandelion Greens? What You Need To Know!

If you have rabbits at home, you know how much careful you have to be when it comes to what they can eat and cannot eat. Because of the sensitive stomach and digestive system of rabbits, owners are often confused of what to feed them. Do you have a query in your mind about – can rabbits eat dandelion greens?’ The short and straight answer to this question is – Yes! To know more in details, read on.

Can rabbits eat dandelion greens?

The rabbits love to eat the dandelion greens. Most of the rabbits consider the dandelions as a tasty food for them. Also, the dandelions are quite safe for the rabbits too. The dandelion greens are actually the dandelion leaves. The dandelion greens can be very nutritious for them and they come with various nutritious benefits.

How are dandelion greens beneficial to rabbits?

Now that you know the answer for can rabbits eat dandelion greens’, you must know that these greens have many health benefits for your rabbits. They are very nutritious. Some of the major nutrients that are found in dandelion greens are – calcium, iron, potassium and beta-carotene. In fact, it contains more calcium than that of the spinach as well as it contains more beta-carotene than that of carrots. All the nutrients can be quite beneficial for your rabbits.

Iron and calcium benefits

Like any other animals, rabbits too need calcium and iron. These two nutrients calcium and iron can help in improving the quality of hair growth, bone development and teeth formation in your rabbits. These can play a vital role in overall health of your rabbits.

Potassium benefits

According to studies, a rabbit will need 0.6% (approximately) of potassium in their diet. This helps in proper growth and better health. When the potassium level in rabbit is low, it can be quite harmful for them. They tend to get weaker. Hence, dandelion greens can be quite beneficial for the health of rabbits.

Beta-carotene benefits

In the body, this nutrient gets converted to vitamin A which is good for the eye health of the rabbits. Vitamin A can help in improving the vision helping the rabbits to be more active. Also, it can help in improving the immune system of the rabbits.

How much dandelion greens to feed?

When it comes to the question – how much dandelion greens you can feed to your rabbit, you have to be specific. As mentioned above, the rabbits have a very sensitive digestive system. A slight issue in their diet can cause serious stomach problem.

You need to start by giving only one dandelion leaf or two (at most) to your rabbits. If they get used to the dandelion greens, then you can make it three to four leaves (maximum) for your rabbits. Do not feed more than that.


So, you have got the complete answer about – can rabbits eat dandelion greens’. It is quite evident that the dandelion leaves or greens can be quite beneficial for your rabbits. You must include them in moderation in your rabbit’s diet.

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