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Can Rabbits Eat Bread? What You Should Know

Rabbits are among the most amazing animals to keep as pets since they have an easy-care routine. Feeding is very crucial, and most people think that what is suitable for humans fits pets such as rabbits. Unlike humans, the rabbit’s digestive system can’t process foods rich in starch and complex carbohydrates such as bread. Now the question is can rabbits eat bread? When fed with bread, your rabbit will have a hard time digesting it, which may cause intestinal upsets. However, they’re several factors to consider when determining what to feed your rabbit and when to feed it.

While people feed their rabbits with bread, this isn’t a good practice as their digestive system is only adapted to digest cellulose. Thus, green leafy vegetables and fruits are a great choice instead of bread. Feeding your pet with bread frequently can result in digestive discomfort and diarrhea.

Can Rabbits Eat Bread?

No. Rabbits are lagomorphs, and they shouldn’t eat bread. The digestive system of rabbits is only adapted to handle cellulose material, and bread doesn’t contain enough fiber. Eating bread leads to poor digestion, which affects the rabbit’s health in various ways, including intestinal upsets and diarrhea.

Even though bread contains important nutrients beneficial to humans, pet rabbits can get these nutrients from other healthier sources. Even without any nutritional value, bread has many potential consequences for the rabbit.

Can I Give My Rabbits Bread?

The answer to this is simply no. Although there are a few exceptions, feeding your rabbit with bread isn’t a good feeding practice as they’re lagomorph. Feeding your rabbit bread affects the rabbit’s health in several ways, including intestinal upsets and diarrhea. Also, feeding your rabbit with bread on a daily basis can lead them to become obese and inactive.

Even though bread contains important nutrients beneficial to humans, your pet rabbits can get these nutrients from other healthier sources. Even without any nutritional value, bread has many potential consequences for your little friend.

Do Rabbits Like Bread?

Rabbit like bread, but this doesn’t mean it’s a healthy choice for your bunny. Just like us humans, there are many things that rabbits like that aren’t good for their health. However, you’re responsible for the safety of your pet as they’re incapable of their own.

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What Kind of Bread Can Rabbits Eat?

Although this is the case, it’s acceptable to give your rabbit bread from time to time as a treat. However, you should only give small portions of bread to your pet rabbit. The type of bread is also a major factor to consider. White bread is highly discouraged as a treat for your bunny since it’s very starchy and high in complex carbohydrates. As a treat, only give a tiny piece of white bread, wholemeal bread, or toasted bread.

Brown bread is better as it doesn’t contain sugar, like in the case of white bread.

Can Rabbits Eat Stale Bread?

Rabbit teeth never stop growing, which is why people feed them with specific foods to maintain oral health. Feeding your bunny with stale bread isn’t a good idea if you’re looking to achieve oral health. In addition, stale bread, just like fresh bread, can have digestive effects on your rabbit. Digestive effects such as diarrhea can result in the death of a rabbit due to extensive dehydration.

Why Is Eating Bread Bad for Rabbits?

Eating bread has both short-term and long-term effects on rabbits. The short-term effect includes a condition known as gastrointestinal stasis resulting from too many carbohydrates and insufficient fibre. This condition causes the food to move slowly or even stop moving in the gut. This causes bacteria to start growing and releases gas causing stomach pains.

Bread causes rabbits to have unhealthy weight in the long run because of the excess calories from the bread.

How Often Can A Rabbit Eat Bread?

You shouldn’t feed your rabbit with bread often. Most rabbit parents have actually opted to never give their bunnies bread. However, you choose to give your bread, make it a rare treat perhaps once per month.

The amount of bread that you should give your bread depends on the age of your bunny. You should avoid giving baby, and juvenile rabbits bread and only give cube of bread to adult rabbits.

Otherwise, your rabbit will be better off sticking to a diet of fiber-rich rabbit food and hay.

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What to Do If Your Rabbit Eats Bread by Mistake

If you realize that your rabbit has already eaten the bread, the first thing is to determine how much it has taken. You shouldn’t worry much if your rabbit eats the small food drops on the floor. However, if it takes a substantial amount of bread, you should keep a close eye on it for the next day. As usual, ensure they’re eating, moving around as normal, and the poos look normal.

If you establish any differences in the rabbit’s behavior or you have any concerns, you should contact your veterinary for further assistance. While doing this, be sure to give it enough clean water to keep them from getting dehydrated. You should continue keeping an eye on your rabbit even after the diarrhea is gone until it’s back to eating and drinking water as normal. Contact your veterinarian if it doesn’t go back to normal activities within 24 hours.

If your rabbit stops eating completely after consuming bread, it might be experiencing GI stasis, and this condition should be addressed immediately. Rabbits with GI stasis will be less active and refuse to drink or eat. This condition can lead to death if it’s not addressed immediately.

If you experience any of these medical conditions and your veterinarian isn’t available, check for rescue volunteers in your area as they can come to your residence and help.

If you have been giving your rabbit bread as a daily meal, it’s recommended to stop due to the health risks. Keep bread and other unhealthy food out of the rabbit’s reach as it might eat big chunks without your knowledge. Eating more bread will only worsen the problem.

The Correct Diet is Important

Learning what wild rabbits eat can help you know what kind of diet is perfect for your pet rabbit. Wild rabbits spend all their time nibbling leafy plants and long-stemmed grass. These fibrous plants are what keep their digestive tract healthy.


Hopefully, you now know better whether to feed your pet rabbit with bread or not. Although bread is a great food for humans, you should avoid feeding it to your bunny. Their digestive system is designed for high cellulose material, and since bread contains complex carbohydrates, it makes digestion harder. Hay, fresh vegetables, and fruits are the best foods to give your rabbit. You can give your pet bread, nut, cookie, and other treats in small amounts once in a while.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Check out my comprehensive guide on the best rabbit food.

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