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Are Rabbits Good Pets? The Good, The Bad, And The Truth

You must have seen many people who have rabbits at home. Probably, you too have this thought in your mind about petting one and that is why you are here. So, what is the thing that is bothering you? Are you thinking about – are rabbit good pets or not?

Yes, rabbits can be excellent pets. They are timid, lovable, affectionate and playful in nature. They don’t need much attention from their owners all the time but they can be great to be domesticated.

Here, we have mentioned all the important points that make rabbits one of the best domestic animals for you.

Are Rabbits Good Pets?

As said above, yes, the rabbits can be perfect for domestication. In this busy lifestyle, people always want a pet that is easier to maintain and care. Rabbits, unlike most of the pets, do not seek a lot of attention throughout the day. But they do need some social time with their owners. Even they are timid in nature and playful which make them a good pet at home.

Are Rabbits Perfect For Busy People?

Yes, the rabbits can be a great option for those who are busy and don’t have a lot of free time. Rabbits don’t need to go out for daily walks at the park. Also, they don’t want attention all the time. Rabbits like to alone and play alone most of the time. They do not prefer too much of petting or cuddling. However, they need some attention from their owners. Rabbits prefer to socialize but only to some extent. So, yes the rabbits can be a good pet for the people who don’t have time to take out them for daily walks. But they love to be outdoors sometimes and play. So, you can get that done for your rabbit once or twice in a week.

Reasons Why Rabbits Can Be Good Pet

You have got the answer to your question – are rabbit good pets? Now, it is time to know the reasons why. Here are some of the reasons why:

Social And Affectionate:

Yes, rabbits are very affectionate and social in nature. They may need some time to actually get along with people. But once the rabbits get along, they are going to be the most social animal. Even they are very affectionate in nature. People admire rabbits. This is one of the best qualities for a domesticated animal.

Timid And Quiet:

While rabbits can be active and playful, they are quiet and timid in nature. They can make sound but they will now make constant or loud noises like that of the dogs or cats. If you quiet pets that do not make much sound or noise, then rabbits are the best choice. Rabbits don’t make loud noises at all. In fact, they are very timid in nature. Because of their quiet nature, it will not be hard for you to relax or focus on your work.

Can Be Well-Trained:

Pets need to be well-trained, especially when it comes to littering. One of the reasons why I said yes to your question – are rabbit good pets is that the rabbits are quite capable of being trained. They can understand how to use the litter box. Rabbits can poop a lot. But if you train them properly, then they always poop in the litter box. It is quite easy to teach or train them whatever you want. Rabbits are known to be good learners and quite disciplined in nature.

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Don’t Have Odor:

Unlike most of the domestic animals at home, the rabbits don’t smell bad. But rabbits are different. They are not like the smelly and messy ones. Even if they smell, it can be for a temporary reason because of some treatments going on. In fact, that smell will not be a strong smell too. It can be a mild smell that every living creature has. Otherwise rabbits don’t smell bad at all.

Longer Lifespan:

Yes, the rabbits can live for about 8 years to 12 years with proper care, diet and lifestyle. As they have an average lifespan of 10 years, people want them to be their pet. But this average lifespan can depend on some of the factors such as – breed, diet, health conditions and more. Pet rabbits have a better and longer lifespan than that of the wild rabbits. So, rabbits can be an excellent pet.

Love Scratches And Pet:

Most of the pets love to be petted. Rabbits are no exception. They too love being petted and they love when the owners scratch them. But, however, rabbits don’t like to be petted all the time. They want some space for their own. But some rabbits are overly affectionate and they love getting petted. In fact, you will notice that your rabbit will nudge you sometime if you stop petting them. This nudge means they are asking for more scratches.

Adorable Pets:

Of course, rabbits are adorable in nature. This makes them even a better domestic animal. People love to have pets that are adorable and sweet in nature. Pets are more for relieving stress and when it is so adorable, it will be perfect. Isn’t it?

These are some of the reasons that justify whether or not the rabbits can be a domestic animal or not. Yes, you are right – they are! But if you take rabbit as a domestic animal, then you have to take care about a lot. Rabbits need extra care and attention when it comes to their diet. This is because they have a very sensitive digestive system.


So, it is quite evident from the reasons above that rabbits can be incredible as pets. Hopefully, you have got a clear answer to your query – are rabbit good pets or not. If you want to have a pet and are worried about your busy schedule, then get a rabbit. They are best at adjusting with your schedule, unlike other pets. They are quite adaptive in nature and can easily adjust to their owner’s schedule. In fact, they don’t need constant attention, daily walks or petting throughout the day. Hence, they are perfect pets for people with busy schedules and life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Check out my comprehensive guide on the best rabbit food.

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